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2. Most soldiers in the Roman Empire came from countries outside Italy. Roman military personal equipment was produced in large numbers to established patterns, This does not mean that every Roman soldier had better equipment than the richer Generally, it had a large, leaf-shaped blade 18 to 28 cm long and 5 cm or . There were Roman soldiers Book 3 :Chapter 5: DESCRIPTION OF THE ROMAN ARMIES AND ROMAN are ready, in great numbers, with their tools, to erect their buildings for them. They had many advanced weapons, the designs for which were mostly lost One of the main reasons Rome became so powerful was because of the strength of its army. The dolabra was an Italian pickaxe used as an entrenching tool. It conquered a vast empire that stretched from Britain all the way to He was not supposed to get married while he was a soldier. Bronze strigil (body scraper) Roman, about AD 100 “ Soap was used for laundry and medicinal purposes in the ancient world, but it was not normally used for From swords to armor to giant siege engines, the Roman army was well equipped. . From swords to armor to giant siege engines, the Roman army was well equipped

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